Blog Thirteen: Questionnaire Results

So my questionnaire has been live for a few days now, and I’m at the point of thinking about what results I might have. These will help me to understand outsider views of the website and brand I have created.

I deliberately chose questions and answer strategies to develop a well rounded image of the overall brand from the online content.

Below, find a summary of my response data.


I was really impressed with my results. It gives me a couple of areas to improve on, whilst also giving me 100% positive feedback in many areas including how the site works and feels, and the house style of the whole brand which is really important to me.

Having studied the feedback from this questionnaire, there are a couple of areas that I will alter.

These include:

  • Reviewing how the website looks on a mobile device.
  • Outlining more clearly that we do not currently have radio shows. However, advertising these when we do have them.

Blog Twelve: Creating a Questionnaire

I’d like to create a questionnaire to collate feedback about my website. This will help in the up coming stages of my project. I have chosen to use Google Forms to create the Questionnaire.

I have chosen questions in order to get a well rounded view of peoples opinions on the site, logo and brand.

I hope to receive mainly positive feedback for the site, but understand that some things may be down to personal preference, or factors that I have not previously thought about. I also expect to get some constructive criticisms which will allow me to progress my project further within the final few days.

Below, find a copy of my questions. The link to the form was shared out on my personal social media to receive as much feedback as possible.


Blog Five: Photography

Now I have decided to use the studios that I have access to in order to grab some imagery. I think this will propel my brand. I will use my skills from previous modules during my degree to create some really high quality photography. I’m not yet sure how this will be best used, however I plan to strategically place it to enhance and elevate the products that I create in establishing the brand. I think this will also help to provide a visual guide as to what MIC LIVE. does, going hand and hand with the text. This will especially effective on the website which I hope to use a simplistic and minimalist style of telling the consumer about MIC LIVE. and therefore imagery will sit hand in hand with the text.

I booked out the radio studio in order to take the following images, of which I will put into Adobe Photoshop to edit and prepare for publishing.

Overall, I’m extremely happy with the photography session. I believe that it will really enhance my branding and make a more coherent look. I think it brings the brand into the real world, as sometimes brands with no real life photography can appear more cartoonish. It also establishes brand aims by providing the consumer with a visual idea of what MIC LIVE. does.