Blog Six: Content Creation

It’s time to create some content. Being audio and radio content specialists, I’m going to need to provide examples of all my areas of work. I plan to create a demo, some radio links and some jingles. I’ll also add a couple of my previous radio programme podcasts to prove that MIC LIVE. can create some great live radio work and also good quality podcasts. The work displayed on the MIC LIVE. website will be a mixture of previous work and new creations.

The first thing I did was upload previous work. The following tracks on the website are previous work as part of the Media Production BSc course.

  • Beam Me Up with Scotty Jingle
  • The Lunch Show Jingle
  • Radio Show One
  • Radio Show Two
  • Radio Show Three

The additional work that was create for this module is as follows.

  • Cooking with Rianna Jingle
  • Podcast Introduction
  • Local Radio Link
  • Commercial Radio Link
  • Demo 2018

This list will give me a wide variety of content without being overwhelming. It also provides me with opportunity to add further examples as an when professional work comes in.

I think this current list provides a summary of the whole of MIC LIVE. and the content that they can produce. It is vital that previous module work is used as it fully shows off my skillset in an environment which is not able to be replicated elsewhere, such as the LIVE radio show and podcast production. These were all recorded live on 107.5 DemonFM based at De Montfort University and edited using Adobe Audition to remove all licensed music content before upload. The original upload of the show podcasts can be found here.

The new creations will show a brand new element and side to the project, such as the podcast introduction demonstrating both podcast use and voiceover work. The separate radio links contain the very start and end of certain songs and also radio jingles that I do not own. I have used these to create a more professional feel to the audio to demonstrate MIC LIVE.

These new pieces of audio were recorded on a Zoom H5 recorder. This is industry standard recording equipment. I attached a Dynamic Microphone into the Zoom via an XLR cable to ensure top quality recording, and therefore my audio sounds really professional. It took quite a few takes to get the audio right, and once it was ideal I imported it to Adobe Audition for editing.

In Audition, I formatted the audio to 44.1KhZ 16 bit 128bps, the standard for speech audio. I then moved the voice around and added in any extra elements before exporting as an mp3. The whole content creation process was lengthy and took about 7 full days to get it just right. I didn’t want to skimp on this time as it really sells the product and is key in gaining custom before the MIC LIVE. brand is recognisable.


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