Blog Fourteen: Closing the Project

By now my work for the module is now almost complete. It is just about going over and reflecting on work, making final tweaks and evaluating the project as a whole.

Any Final Changes

I have now reviewed all the materials for my project and and making some final changes to documents created. I have needed to update my mobile number, and also ensure that the current link to the live website is posted on the Facebook page. I also keep writing posts to upload to the MIC LIVE. Facebook page to keep it up to date and current, for example, when the booking page when live on the internet, I posted this on the Facebook to advertise.

Evaluation of Project

Overall I am really happy with the project. I began the project with no business unlike others and I was also struggling in wanting to focus on the audio field, which inevitably could look more attractive on an online campaign such as mine. For this reason, I put a lot of emphasis on the branding, house style and image of the brand. Overall, I think I have done this really successfully. All the elements of my project tie together to create a really cohesive project. Although taking inspiration from other branding, I think my logo stands out and can set MIC LIVE. apart from other market competitors. I am really happy with the website and think that the colour scheme and style create an effective visual style, especially for an audio based field which has the potential to be less visually interesting. The logo is compatible with all the products I have chosen to create, and this mixed with the real world studio images allows for a good contrast throughout my project materials.

I feel my business plan is comprehensive but I did struggle with some parts as I have never published a business plan before. I feel that some of the sections could have gone into more detail. I also think that the Abstract and Executive Summary could have been a better explanation of how the brand is of myself being freelance rather than a company.

Furthermore, I am happy with the blog posts. The style develops throughout and takes the reader through the whole process of starting the freelance journey in the real world. I have developed a good style writing the blog posts and have explained each process thoroughly. I think each blog post focusing on a different element works well and I have explained why each feature is good, how I have made each feature and how successful I think it has been. I have also provided the example within the blog posts.

How to Progress Things

I have not yet decided whether it would be wise to continue this project into the future. During the course of the module I have been trying to gain further experience and create new contacts to hopefully gain employment within the radio / audio field in the future. The module has been successful in providing me with skills and a more professional mindset to do this. I have been able to understand more what my client or businesses would want from me if I were to work in the sector. The module has also helped me to focus my knowledge and ideas of branding, marketing and business management. These are skills that will be really valuable for me in the future.

If I was to take the project into the future, there are a few things I would potentially change in order to create a more successful campaign.

  1. I would definitely purchase a domain for my website. This would increase the integrity of my site and business and also allow for the site to be more easily accessed via a web browser. This would also require the site link to be changed on my documentation and Facebook page. I think this would make the documentation appear more professional as it would be shorter and a more obvious link. It would make the customer more likely to search for MIC LIVE. online.
  2. Adding a QR code onto my business cards would really improve the productivity of them. The code could be scanned on a smartphone and take clients directly to my website and therefore my online portfolio. The ease of this would also encourage more footfall and traffic on the website.
  3. As more professional work came through, I would continue to add new playlists onto the website to allow the consumer to hear more examples of work. This would help to build up a more bespoke pathway for the client as they would be able to hear a more specific example to them and make a more informed choice on how to progress their journey with MIC LIVE. I would also be able to have a larger physical portfolio to bring to Initial Consultations in order to let the client hear more examples that are specific to them. This will enable them to better understand what MIC LIVE. can do for them.

My next steps for the project are to carry on updating the Facebook page and also to carry on adding any examples of work that I might deem useful and suitable for the site. This will allow me to have an online portfolio which will grow and grow and can be sent to potential employers. It will also allow me to pick the project straight back up should I choose to continue it into the future.


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