Blog Nine: Uniforms

When establishing MIC LIVE. as a brand, I thought it would be important to provide an image to the customer of a highly professional brand, rather than just one guy sat in his room organising the business. Despite the potential lack of public facing roles MIC LIVE. requires, because of the bespoke ethos including the initial consultation there are quite a lot of opportunities for clients to meet with me face to face or online video call. Therefore, I will need to look professional at all times. I thought wearing a shirt and tie might not be appropriate for this field in many circumstances so opted to go down a uniform route in order to establish professionalism. This would be worn most of the time but if a specific event or client was more suited to dressing smartly, the uniform can be altered.

I have chosen to create a t-shirt and cap, which will ensure calls and face to face visits will look branded. Also, if worn out and seen, it provides more advertising for the brand. I have also created a lanyard, this is a key element of the uniform as it tells the customer who I am. It also allows any smart outfit that might occasionally need to be worn also carry some branding and uniform. To create the uniform elements I used Adobe Photoshop. I thought I should keep it simple and effective with just the logo. This will keep it recognisable and also support the brand ethos of being bold, simple and eye catching.

However I have decided that the lanyard should be made more personal. The lanyard would be really useful in the event of brand expansion as it would work as ID for any staff. The lanyard includes the brand logo around the fabric. The card at the end of the chain will include a large logo and also staff name and ID. This could be scaled up to be staff log in ID and the card could enable access to certain things in the event of brand expansion.


I think the lanyard makes the brand feel extremely professional and will allow the brand to be noticed whatever the situation and dress code when dealing face to face.


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