Blog Ten: Social Media

Social media is an important part of spreading the digital footprint of MIC LIVE. So far I have created a SoundCloud account and also a Facebook page. The Twitter and LinkedIn links elsewhere take the user to my personal account. I think this digital presence will definitely increase traffic to the website as it all links together to create a network. This is another reason that house style is imperative to creating a solid network of materials across all platforms.


The Facebook page can be used to advertise free slots available to book and any other opportunities that MIC LIVE. might have. It can also be used to direct users directly to the website. There is also opportunity for users of the Facebook page to message me directly via Facebook Messenger, meaning MIC LIVE. is extremely accessible by the consumer.


In the modern world, a brand being accessible via social media is key. More and more people are taking to Facebook for services and products before they take to Google to search the wider internet. I think having these social media accounts will enable me to improve my digital strategy and cover as many bases as possible in order to find work.

Facebook Post

You can visit the MIC LIVE. Facebook page here, and the SoundCloud account here.


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