Blog Eleven: Documents

To finish of the production of this brand I am going to tie everything together with a few other documents to really round off the production.

The documents include:

  • Image and video watermarks
  • Email template
  • Letterhead

I also plan to also create:

  • Mug
  • Pen

These, I feel are standard branded products and documents that would enhance the business idea. They might not be used very often, but it is important that when they are required they are available to use to ensure consistent branding across all areas of the business.

I created the watermarks, e-mail template and letterhead myself on Adobe Photoshop. I also used the Vistaprint preview format to create then pen and mug designs. I then decided that the Vistaprint preview of the pen was inadequate, so I recreated something similar using Photoshop.

I am really happy with how my logo appears on the products, I think they look really attractive and also clearly portray the brand. It also backs up my thoughts of the logo being really successful. Once again these products will be able to be carried forward should the brand of MIC LIVE. ever expand.

Small Watermark
Small Watermark
Large Watermark
Large Watermark

The letterhead does not just contain the logo, it contains some contact information as well. I feel this is useful as letterheads may be sent in a physical format and the email and website could then be used to direct the client to the online portfolio and booking system. The letterhead will also be used to send out the clients final bill in a physical and email format.


While any official and important e-documents will follow the letter head seen above, more general emails will follow a more image based format. As you can see here, this is the booking confirmation email that will be sent out and personalised to everyone who books their initial consultation. Every email will follow a similar format but have text specific to the subject.

James_Ross MIC LIVE. Email Template
E-Mail Template

I have set up a MIC LIVE. email address to ensure all email correspondence is professional and all located in a single folder/account. I will also ensure that email subjects are as specific and professional as possible.


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