Total Darkness

For today’s theme, I’m going minimalist. What exactly is minimalism? And – Why am I going minimalistic? Well, strictly, I’m meant to do ‘extreme minimalism’, however, that would mean a blank blog post, and that wouldn’t be very exciting for you to read now, would it? However, I think that this picture that I took […]

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Slow & Steady Wins The Race

When delving into the realms of unusual pets, a Tortoise has to be up there as one of them, I would say. Despite this, I am close, personal friends with two tortoises; once owned by my Grandparents, and another owned by some family friends. My Grandparents’ is called Tilly (it used to be called Tommy […]

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Let’s Make a Start

I want to start by welcoming you to this blog of mine, you’ll probably be aware that this blog is going to follow me and my journey through the social media module I’m taking as part of my second year studies on the Media Production BSc course at De Montfort University in Leicester. You don’t […]

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