Blog Seven: Publishing the Website

Now that content creation is complete, I’m ready to finalise and publish the website.

I took some time to review the design and structure of the website here, but only made minor tweaks. The photography that I took the other day was imported to the site and more descriptive elements were added. This was really easy to do in WIX and really allowed me to force my house style and branding through every part of the website.

Quality and cohesive branding really reflects the standard of product the brand produces. For this reason, I made real effort making sure that my brand was strong and clear throughout the website, so spent some more time doing this.

I now uploaded my audio examples as a playlist to WIX. This was a feature that I did not realise existed, I assumed that I would have to host my audio elsewhere and link it to my website. Therefore, it was great to find out that I could host directly from my website. I think this feature makes my website feel a lot more professional. To say I have not paid to use WIX, it makes my site feel expensive and also propels the image of ‘specialists’ and solidifies this within my online portfolio.

Screen Shot 2019-03-25 at 20.04.41

I have now got 10 examples of audio on my site and this, I feel, is an optimum amount of examples at this point, as it is not overwhelming but it does mean potential customers can gain access to a range of audio types in order to understand better what MIC LIVE. could do for them. It also provides reference if a customer would like to replicate a certain example style. Each track, and the playlist can easily be shared to the customers social media with the rollover link at the end of each track title. This is key in spreading word of the brand online, something that I will need to rely on in the beginning with no advertising.

I have ensured to repeat contact information throughout the website and the homepage even contains a map in the brand colours to indicate that I am based in Leicester. There is also a Live Chat function, which I feel is an incredible addition to the website and goes towards making the customer feel well connected with MIC LIVE throughout their whole journey with the brand.

The final stage of creating the website was to create a second page where customers can actually book work with MIC LIVE. As the MIC LIVE. ethos is to build a personal relationship and pathway to individual clients I was unsure how to dot this successfully. It became clear that I could book appointments on a free, calendar style online booking process. I decided to develop this idea, as the work MIC LIVE. completes will be billed at the very end with a final bill. This booking would then be included in the final bill rather than being paid for upfront.

This tee’d up well with my business plan idea to start each journey with an initial consultation. So, my website booking page is to book an hour long initial consultation with no pre payment required. This consultation can be done face to face on via a call or video call. The idea is to allow as many people as possible to have an initial consultation which allows MIC LIVE. to sell itself specific to the client. Clients are also reminded that if this booking system doesn’t work for what they have in mind, they can contact us via other platforms in order to book or make different requests. They can email, phone or facebook message to get a more personalised approach to the pathway. This, I feel, all goes toward creating a really bespoke and quality experience for each client.

The website is key, it will be the main public facing body for the brand and the majority of traffic to use MIC LIVE. will pass through the site. It should be the sleek face of the business to current and potential clientele. It should attract new customers and also encourage and excite previous custom to return.

Now my website is populated, it is time to publish it. This is really easy on WIX and was done within a matter of seconds. Should I still want to edit the site, this is possible too. You can visit the finished website here. It is also available on tablet and mobile device. WIX also would allow me to connect my own domain, should I require, however I have not purchased this.


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