Blog Four: Starting a Website

Now that my business plan is complete, it’s time to start developing a website. I have chosen to use WIX as a platform for creation. I believe this can provide me with the most cohesive and professional website. I also think it is a really engaging platform for the field the brand is part of.

The first stage was to upload my logo, WIX then created a webpage using the house style colours found within my logo. I didn’t know this feature existed and it was ideal in creating a solid brand.

I feel it is key to have a solid brand that is eye catching and recognisable. This will help to build a relationship between the brand and the consumer. I decided to use MIC LIVE. as a brand rather than my name, despite being freelance. I think it opens up more opportunities for professionalism within work. It also helps to set high personal standards which are more difficult to break. Practicing these high standards will be vital in continuing the strong online presence into the real world. This will help to propel the brand and become trusted. In turn, this will bring in new custom and also encourage our customers to return.

My aim for the website is to create a simple but intuitive style. The site will only include limited information but will summarise key points. At the beginning, the website will be able to advertise effectively with minimal information. As the brand grows, there is potential to add further information as experience builds and the brand evolves.

Information that is vital for my website includes:

  • Examples of previous work
  • How to book
  • How to contact
  • Brand information
  • What we do

By now, I’m about half way to developing my website. The next stages are to record, edit and upload examples of work and also to take pictures to fill the website with.

Screen Shot 2019-03-22 at 10.28.32


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