Blog Three: Business Plan

The next step of the project is to formulate a business plan. I give myself a list of headings that can often be seen in a business plan to begin my planning. The headings are:

  • Mission Statement
  • Executive Summary
  • Aims
  • Range of Services
  • Ownership
  • Our Customers
  • Costings
  • Pricing Strategy
  • Market Competition
  • Goals

These headings will provide a detailed summary into the business and will provide a good base for the rest of the project.

The mission statement outlines the brand, the executive summary provides a short overview of it.

There is an ownership section to describe how the brand is owned and run.

In order to make the business plan stand out, I have created it in the House Style of the company, using the font DIN. Unfortunately I have noticed that this is not compatible with all devices, so have altered the font to a similar, more widely accepted one. Furthermore, I have created a bold dark grey background with white text to compliment the logo well. Finally, I have exported the business plan to a PDF, as I believe this to be a more suitable method of delivery.

Screen Shot 2019-03-22 at 09.44.42