Blog Two: Logo

After listening to many people who had already gone through this process of creating a brand or business from scratch, I have realised that it is extremely important to have a strong brand identity or house style. For me, this comes from having a strong logo to base the rest of the style from. The logo should represent who the brand is, what the brand does and who the brand can cater for. It should also provide a good basis for a house style, for example not using too many colours will allow the main colours to become instantly recognisable with the brand, and then it will be easy to chose the colours to use within everything else, such as the website etc. The font should also reflect the business, so the font used for the logo should be used for headers within all other brand documentation.

So with this in mind, I set out to create a logo. I used Adobe Photoshop to do this. To create a logo, you first need a brand name, which after a lot of brainstorming, I decided should be JARO Productions, I already have an instagram account under the name of JARO media. JARO comes from the first two letters of my first name, JAmes, combined with the first two letters of my last name, ROss.

Using my initial name idea, I ventured into Photoshop to create this logo:


JARO Prod Logo.jpg

Firstly I inputted the text, then had the idea of linking it to what the brand does, so added the illustration of the audio mixing slider as an underline. I was underwhelmed by this design, so decided to add some colour into the background – red. The red made it pop a lot more nicely but I still wasn’t happy with the design. The more I looked at the logo I was reminded by the red square of something even more audio themed than the slider, the mic live sign.

IMG_6142 copy.JPG

So, keeping the red square design I decided to change the name of the brand to MIC LIVE, and also changed the font to reflect a more realistic image of the Mic Live lights found in audio and radio studios.

Mic Live Logo.jpg


I was much happier with this logo but it still wasn’t right for me. I decided to go back to scratch with my new name, Mic Live. I kept the square logo design, but instead chose a white background. I then inputted the text, which looked better being on one line rather than two.

Next, I added a red circle to go in the centre of the logo, inspired by the red ‘Mic Live’ signs, but this made it look like the Polish flag. I then decided to have the red circle go behind the word ‘Live’ only. This still didn’t work, so I made the circle oversized and covered the whole right hand side of the background with this red circle.

I was really happy with this, and took the opportunity to add another circle in the left hand half of the background to trap both words within a shape. It also is an important feature of the logo as it hints towards the sound waves, a key element of the brand.

Screen Shot 2019-02-19 at 15.54.15.png

The logo was almost there, but missing something. I tried to bold the word ‘LIVE’. I was delighted with this, and it made the name definitely look like ‘Mic Live’ rather than ‘Mi Clive’. I feel it also created more impact with the logo, alongside the decision to add a full stop to the end of the name, another feature of this was to bring the white on the lefthand side of the logo over towards the right to create a more cohesive design and ensure that the minimalist pallet was effective.

Overall, I’m extremely happy with the finished logo for MIC LIVE.

miclive logo 2.jpg