The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far From The Tree

So, the other week I made my first ever GIF using GIFFY. And now I bring to you, GIF number two.

Im getting good at it, I have to say. I even added an effect this time to make my pen look like an etch-a-sketch – love it.

I made a short flip book style drawing on a post it note. But to make it more interesting I did it back to front, inputted the movie into iMovie and reversed it. It just looks kinda cool, I don’t know why!?

Anyway, after doing that, I uploaded the movie to GIFFY, and told them that I wanted the GIF to last the full length of my movie, because other wise it would miss the plot twist at the end, where the man walking down the hill gets hit on the head by an apple. (Imaginative I know).

As far as I was concerned, I was done! But then, I was greeted by another screen: effects. I tried them all but the etch a sketch one took the edge. It definitely added a modern edge to the traditional flip book style animations, and it also makes the thing look altogether more CGI, if I’m honest.

Do you know what? I’m actually really proud of this attempt as well. Well done me. via GIPHY


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