Repeat After Me

Many artists now a days find their fame on the internet, take Justin Bieber, for example. But how do they start?

Most artists start by covering pre-existing songs and music online, to build up a following. This shows off their voice and talents to remix to a certain extent, but also leaves writing originals either to the professionals or for when they are more well known.

It’s a well known fact that I can’t sing. At all. Not in the slightest, so I wasn’t about to belt a tune out for you all, apologies but you can thank me later.

An iconic artist for me is Adele, I love her music and think she is a great alternative to other mainstream modern music. She has talent, but she doesn’t overkill it by singing 24/7. Let’s face it, we don’t hear Adele every day.



But, I found it quite interesting when I search for arguably my favourite of her songs, When We Were Young. I was surprised just how many covers have been made, as it was never released as a single. This just goes to show her popularity and talent is clear to many. One interesting cover was by a guy called Callum Scott, he was on BGT a few years back, but never really stood out to me. Until now.

Callum’s cover is in a completely different key to the original and it really strikes me as a pure contrast. It makes the original appear much brighter and positive that it does if you listen to it alone. I used iMove to create a short mashup of the two versions, giving them whole verses each. I thought this was important with the style of song it is.

The two take turns to recite the ballad, with the contrast of keys coming in between so not appearing too garish. In my opinion, the whole song now sounds like a duet. Take a listen to the final result here, and let me know your thoughts.

I’ve also provided this handy youtube link, just incase SoundCloud removes my audio!


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