We’re All Friends Here

Billboards are found all over in America, but not very often in the UK. Often, on social networking sites such as Facebook, memes are made from funny, supposedly real billboards. These funny or mildly offensive billboards, whether real or fake can often do wonders in helping a company or brand go viral in it’s advertising, even if it wasn’t made by them.

dry crack


If given the opportunity to create my own billboard, I would definitely go to town! However, it became quite apparent upon beginning this task that I’m, dare I say it, quite bad at Photoshop.

I didn’t let this hinder me though! I decided to run with my poorly edited photos of friends and family and create an ironically funny, and also really cheap and tacky billboard. I guess most American billboards are fairly cheap and tacky. Of course, the humour shines through too.

So, despite not being my original outset, I’ve ended up with a funny billboard, and here it is:


It reads, ‘Someone or Something ruining your picture perfect? Remove the ugly ones TODAY!     *no guarantee your photo will be made better’.

This guarantee of no guarantee of a good result is highlighted within the AWFULLY edited images of myself and friends and family. The tele-sales, cringeworthy text style also contributes.

Certainly a billboard you would stop and stare at!


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