Now You’ve Lost Me

I’m British, and basically it’s a long story but that somehow automatically enrols you in being a MASSIVE fan of the Great British Bake Off. (Pre Channel 4 I have to say, but that’s another story.

Us British also seem to love going to a maze, whether it’s in a formal garden of a country house, or a family attraction, or even just in a comic or online, we love a maze.

Combining food and mazes would be tricky, you’d have thought. Oh how you are wrong. We can’t get enough of cereal boxes with maze’s on the back. For when you’re bored at breakfast obviously.

Also, a good way to combine my patriotic self, a maze and food is to create a Bake Off inspired maze. Calm your excitement, guys, I know it’s tricky.

So with a little word play, and work on my terrible Photoshop skills, I bring to you…

The Great British Maze Off

Screen Shot 2018-01-22 at 23.07.49

Give it a go, if you fancy. It might keep you occupied during the new advert breaks now over on Channel 4. Notice my inclusion of Mary, rather than Prue – but remember, Mary never tweeted the winner before they were announced now did she?

The colour scheme for this maze is really reflective of the programme itself, with nods to the bunting. Careful consideration was also given to the font, I used an online font converter to get the official Bake Off Font.

I also paid tribute to Mel and Sue with their hosting style within the instructions.

All in all, I think this is a very successful maze and that it reflects the Bake Off theme well, it would definitely look well on the back of a cereal box or some bake off merchandise.



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