Social Media Production

Social Media Production is a tricky one, how do you actually define it? I suppose there are many ways in which you could define it. When I first started the TECH2002 Social Media Production module this year I would have given you the following if you asked for a definition.

A collaborative method, often multi-platform, of media consumption in which the audience is encouraged to be active instead of passive (as in traditional media).

But I guess as I get more involved with the module my definition changes slightly. At the start of the module we registered with the ds106 course, and this is where my opinion started to alter.

I suppose I would say that my current definition of Social Media Production is…

An embedded part of everyday modern life, which encourages everyone to interact with each other via mediums first created in Web2.0. It prevents audiences from being passive and encourages collaboration in all forms. It allows users to create messages, photos, videos, animations, and share their thoughts and ideas alongside this, it allows the reaction of all of these things to be attached alongside. It can also provide a platform for the user to gain feedback on their uploads and begin to form part of a community.

You can find out more about my blog here, as we continue our journey through social media production. You can also find me on Flickr, Soundcloud, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.



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