Slow & Steady Wins The Race

When delving into the realms of unusual pets, a Tortoise has to be up there as one of them, I would say. Despite this, I am close, personal friends with two tortoises; once owned by my Grandparents, and another owned by some family friends. My Grandparents’ is called Tilly (it used to be called Tommy until it was taken to the vets a few years ago and they informed us that it was a girl…).

I used to be scared of feeding her, mainly because it involved touching lettuce, cucumber and other healthy ingredients. I’ve since faced my fears on this and have plucked up the courage to feed her often. She’s often been the subject of my photography over the years as she forms an unusual subject.

When @ds106dc tweeted daily create 2013 as, “It’s Fast”, my inspiration was directly provided by Tilly. Tortoises are not slow at all, they can get some speed up, especially when you have food to give. I used GIPHY for the first time to create a gif from a short video clip I had of her eating.






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