Let’s Make a Start

I want to start by welcoming you to this blog of mine, you’ll probably be aware that this blog is going to follow me and my journey through the social media module I’m taking as part of my second year studies on the Media Production BSc course at De Montfort University in Leicester. You don’t just have to stick to the blog to follow me though, you can find me on Instagram, follow me on Twitter, friend me on Facebook and say hello on Snapchat (james ross_98). I’ve also got Flickr, YouTube and Soundcloud. Let’s get networking.


There’s an interesting question that comes to mind when starting the Tech2002 Social Media Production module; what actually is Social Media Production? Well, in my opinion social media production focus’ on the bridges between ‘traditional’ or ‘mainstream’ media, and the smart world that we live in today. I believe that social media production is the coming together of producer and consumer, and the collaboration between platforms. Basically, audiences don’t just sit back and relax while taking in media, they can be actively involved and are producing their own media in reaction, (e.g. reaction videos, parody e.t.c). Also, a TV advert could be made of entirely online viral video, from places such as Vine or YouTube, this links back to the smart world we are in as we can now create content from scratch and upload it all from our smart phones in a matter of minutes.

Take a look at this clip from comedy series W1A, discussing the future of media and User Generated Content.


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